Projects about the life of Stuff

Each project on this website has a long and recurring history. Frequent reworking confounds intentions and makes it difficult to date pieces. Planned work fizzles while pieces started by playing around become parts of a series or an installation. My current projects arose from a desire to stop accumulating Stuff, devise uses for outmoded products and acknowledge the agency of inanimate objects. Measurement is common to all three.

Tender Loving Stuff is a social media series consisting of a Facebook page, blog and YouTube channel, where I enumerate possessions while talking about excess consumption, habitual self imaging, the rights of Stuff and charity.

In Floodgates, maps and videos trace the rise and fall of water levels resulting from natural phenomena, climate change and human interventions such as dams. Currently I live in Toronto, where I tend a small garden, but I grew up in the northern bush where I preferred fishing and foraging to gardening. Floodgates springs from both places.

27 pf5 pace 42For The Pharaoh’s Forearm and The King’s Foot, I focus directly on systems of weights and measures. I combine drawn silhouettes of my body parts with corresponding Imperial measuring instruments.

Everywhere I go I am drawn to both measuring tools and the accumulation of wasted materials. In retrospect, my enchantment with the array of mass-produced things made possible by precision measurement, as well as my stubborn resistance against the challenges of dyslexia, might account for these interests.

All the things I have made still exist in some form or another, in some place or another. They cannot disappear into away. By definition putting away requires “an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping.”

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Saint Pierre and Miquelon garbage before it was burned and bulldozed into the Atlantic Ocean