Davenport Road, c. 10,000 BCE

What would it have been like to travel along Davenport Road circa 10,000 BCE? Can you imagine this place as beachfront property?

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04_Davenport Road_window
Map and video as shown in storefront gallery. Photo: Roadside Attractions, Davenport Road, Toronto. Other documentation by artist.


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A ridge delineates the old shoreline of Lake Iroquois (red lines), formed after the last ice age, which left valuable geological records as part of the escarpment by the lake eroded. The drawing is based on Canadian geologist A.P. Coleman’s 1936 maps of Lake Iroquois, the Lake Ontario (white lines) basin’s larger predecessor. Various geological websites and Google Earth provide vestiges of other historical water level changes named Frontenac and Admiralty (black lines) shorelines, and present configurations. This project was shown at Roadside Attractions, a storefront gallery on Toronto’s Davenport Road.

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