Where Water Lived

Where Water Lived, 2109, Gallery 1313, first Coordinates of Home map to combine navigation, health and environment ideas

Where Water Lived, 2019 morning


This piece from my Floodgates series (see website) began 20 years ago with an Ontario Department of Mines map called Lake Iroquois (A.P. Coleman, 1936). The Lost Rivers group provided more resources. Later I found other organizations active on Great Lakes issues. This map is oriented to Queen Street, slightly off due East. Various mapping sources included the Toronto grid chart from Geoff Boeing’s Urban Street Network Orientationwebsite. Water health and this showcase series theme of women aging with disabilities determined my inclusion choices. Generalizations resulted from source discrepancies and fluctuating shorelines. This map is not intended for navigation.

Tegan L Smith

flowing waters, shifting sands
the mermaid kicked off both her shoes
Ice Age Laurentide Glacier subsides
Lake Iroquois fills and drains to Admiralty Shoreline

then fills again but not as full to become Niigaani-gichigami: Lake Ontario (Leading Sea), also known as Gichi-zaaga’igan (Big Lake), Lake of Shining Waters
tkaronto where there are trees standing in the water
Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant
Fort York, Upper Canada
territories, wars, agreements and promises
water drifts back and forth across illusory border lines
Toronto Purchase and Crown Treaty #13
Triskaidekaphobia: fear of number 13
Parkdale Police and Fire Station/Gallery 1313
1313 Ogimaa Mikana/Queen Street West
postal code M6K 1L8 phone number (416) 536-6778
google+ code 87M2JHR8+CP geohash f0dswnffk
Down the street MRI Nuclear medicine images show a brain with holes like in a sieve where thoughts escape and land elsewhere
Downstream Nuclear power plants leaked and in preparation for the event of meltdown RadBlock pills are mailed to residents
a body in water, a body is water
a creaking dock smelling of sodden wood, a scratchy wool blanket and whispered shouts from ancestors
Down by the lakeside she’s sifting plastic where water used to live and fled
                                          –Tegan L Smith, 2019

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